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To start learning to drive you must be at least 17 years old, which is the minimum age that you can legally drive a car on public roads in United Kingdom.
You can apply for you provisional licence three months before your 17th birthday.
If you are disabled and receiving mobility allowance, you can start at age 16.

Eyesight test
You must be able to read an old-style number plate in good daylight from a distance of 20,5 meters (67 feet) & 20 meters for the new-style number plates.
Make sure you can do that. If you need glasses or contact lenses, thats OK, but you must wear them whenever you drive and when you take your test.

L plates
As a learner driver you have to display L plates on the front and back of the vehicle you drive, and be accompanied by a person who is over 21 years old and has held a full UK licence for at least 3 years.
Only instructors who are licensed by DSA are allowed to charge for giving driving lessons.

Provisional Licence
You can apply for your provisional licence online or by completing the D1 application form available at your local post office and send it to DVLA with your passport or birth certificate, and a passport-sized photo. Cost of a first provisional licence is £50.

If you are practising with friend or family, it is your responsibility to make sure you are covered on the insurance policy, the vehicle you drive is legal, roadworthy and properly taxed.
When you take lessons with Lucas Driver Training all these details are taken care of , so you can concentrate on your driving lessons.


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