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1 hour £ 25
5 hours £ 120
10 hours £ 230
20 hours £ 420
30 hours £ 600
Student rate £ 23 /h
Pass Plus course (at least 6 hours) £ 140
Theory lessons £ 15/h
DSA Test fees:
Theory test £ 31
Practical driving test £ 62
All of our pupils benefit from a FREE test booking service.

We will estimate how long you are likely to need after your first lesson. We will take into account any driving experience you may already have, as well as your own style of learning and level of confidence, then put together an individually structured course to make sure that you will be given the best possible chance of passing your test at first attempt.

The current average is 45 hours of tuition (Driving Standards Agency average, 2006), with 22 hours of private practice. We recommend taking at least one 2-hour lesson a week to speed up your learning process, but it's entirely up to you. A 2-hour lesson can offer the best value for money, as there's plenty of tuition time after you've settled into the car. You can take lessons as frequently as you like, or take your time and spread them over a longer period. The choice is yours.

You can save some money by block-booking your lessons in advance. You will get a full refund if you don’t need to use them all.

Tracking your progress
On your first lesson you will be given a Track Record Book. Thanks to this book you will be able to see at a glance how well you are doing and how near test standard you are.
You will have an opportunity to do a Mock Test to check if you fully ready for the big day.

We also offer:

Refresher lessons – aimed at full licence holders who may not have driven for some time or may want to “brush up” on their current skills or knowledge
Pass Plus courses – new driver post test training course to improve your driving skills at night, on motorways or during adverse weather conditions, and give you some discounts on your car insurance
Eco-Safe driving – learn techinques that will keep you safe on the road and save you money on fuel and vehicle maintenance
Familiarisation lessons – aimed at new residents to the UK to help them adjust to driving on UK roads
Defensive driving – learn to drive in such a way that will reduce the dangers associated with driving by anticipation of dangerous situations

Accepted payment methods:
Bank transfer
Barclays Pingit

offer applies to beginners only


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